You may visit linkedin.com/arcsedge which is my Linkedin Profile of Testimonials from Real Business Owners & CEOs. Feel free to add me as a contact. Statistics show that over 66% of Sales & Internet Marketers Testimonials are simply just made up or fabricated. Here is just what a few are saying about my work!

Elisha Kim – Head SEO Consultant
“Mike was brought in on one of our projects when we needed an extra mind on the job. He is always open-minded and solution oriented which makes him extremely pleasurable to work with. With him on board we were able to finish the project early with a very pleased client. Would recommend his expertise again 10/10”

Ron Pearl – Profit Strategist
“Mike took to SEO immediately. He knows the INs and OUTs of HOW to rank and can show you MANY examples of practical use of SEO. You will have a blueprint of where you are going ahead of time and an expert on your team to create and manage the activities.”

Liam Birkin – Owner of Birkin Design Studios
“Mike is an absolute BEAST in the SEO industry. Some people talk a big game but never deliver, and then there are people like Mike, who will do what he says and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results he’s given you. If you or anyone you know is looking for a specialist in the field of SEO, consider speaking with Mike. He is the center of the SEO universe.”

Anthony Ruggieri – Real Estate Consultant
“When it comes to SEO, Mike is your guy. There are few people who know SEO extensively as he does. His spirit and care for his clients concern is contagious and he brings the fire for his clients. His knowledge and skills assist businesses with necessary leverage over the competition.”

Justin Lee – Designer at Split Rock Creative
“When it comes to Search Engine Optimization Mike Szreniawski is very talented and extremely knowledgeable. He is very helpful and passionate about what he does. Highly recommend.”

Jerome G. Sherman – E Marketing Solutions
“Mike has been amazing to work with, his deep thinking allowed us to dominate a whole first page for a fairly difficult search term! I recommend him to any business owner that is wanting more leads and customers directly to their door step. Thanks.
Jerome G. Sherman”